Airter® trike 8140

What’s new on the airter trike 8140?

The airter® trike runs discontinuously with electric drive and batteries (stop-and-go system). The drive of the compressor is provided by a petrol engine. The airter® trike 8140 is more suitable for uneven and inaccessible greens. It is therefore the ideal machine for all golf course operators. However, the airter® trike is also ideally suited for sensitive stadium turf. Stones in the working area are no longer a problem. All air cylinders can be adjusted for resistance. Lance stops automatically on a stone. Was not possible with oil hydraulic cylinders in the past. Is very fast and manoeuvrable. The airter trike 8140 is light and very gentle on the ground and weighs around 475 kg.


From winter 2023/2024, the autonomous airter® trike 8140 A will be on the market and will automate maintenance in the stadium or on the golf greens. The world’s first autonomous deep loosening with compressed air!


Technical data